Thursday, December 09, 2010

Birthday Catch-up...Glade

Now that all my kids have had their birthdays, I think it's about time I blog about it! We'll start with Glade. He turned 3 in October! We had a day all focused on whatever Glade wanted to do. On the way home from dropping Jimmy off at school, we stopped in the store and Glade got to do the grocery shopping. As you can see, he has very good taste!

Then we watched movies, played trains, and ate junk food all morning until it was time to pick up Jimmy from school. He decided he wanted to wear his birthday hat in the bike!

We played and watched more movies and ate more junk and waited until Daddy got home for the party. Then Jimmy helped Glade open his presents. He got Legos and Toy Story toys...his two favorites right now. Oh and some little mini cars. Glade loves anything little he can shove in his pockets or carry around the house in a little bag.

It was kinda funny that Jimmy was more excited about opening Glade's gifts than Glade was! Good thing Glade is (pretty) good about sharing. :)

We love our little goof (or as the boys say it "doof"). For dinner he wanted hot dogs, french fries, and chicken nuggets. Delish!

Putting in those 3 candles...

I think we sang Happy Birthday about 7 times that day!

And he was SO fast at blowing out those candles. The second we finished singing they were out! I only captured the smoke!

Happy Birthday to Glade! You are such a sweet boy. You will always be my "wittle" boy. Love you! I'm so thankful for you...and thankful that you don't decide what we eat every day...I think I was a little sick after a day of junk food and hot dogs!


the speers said...

He's so cute! I love his birthday crown! And his choice in food...Caden would have been in heaven! haha what a sweety! happy birthday!

Kristal said...

So funny! I am also glad that my kids don't get to pick out what we eat for dinner every day too. What a cute little guy!

Mary said...

Oh how fun! What a cute little guy. He actually amazingly resembles one of my younger brothers when he was about that age. Oh, how time flies!