Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Difference #7

#7. School Sibling Pictures

It's standard here to get sibling pictures taken when school pictures are taken. I didn't realize they were going to do this until I picked Jimmy up from school. Glade was not excited about it and strangely enough he ended up smiling the best in the picture! It's not the best picture, but it's always fun to have a picture with all 3 of them in it.

While I'm at it, I'll just post the other two school pictures we got:

Class picture...too bad like 4-5 kids are missing.

And here's Jimmy, age 5. I think it's a pretty adorable first school picture!

They start elementary school here at age 4. Thus they have children starting school all throughout the school year since they come in on their birthday. Jimmy just barely missed the school pictures last year.

In the beginning the kids usually go just in the mornings for the first few days or weeks depending on the child. Then they are at school all day Mon-Fri (except early out days). I think it's too much at such a young age, but thankfully Jimmy has really enjoyed it. He's been in school now for one year and it's weird to think that if we were living in the states he wouldn't start going to elementary school until fall 2011...and wouldn't start going all day long until fall 2012 (that's 3 years later than he started here). I don't like my kids growing up so quickly.

I had a parent/teacher conference last week and Jimmy's teachers said he is doing great! He is speaking so much more Dutch and makes a lot more comments in class now. Last year Jimmy was very quiet in school and actually got into quite a few arguments (we think because he couldn't understand the kids and they couldn't understand him). He's doing so much better now. He really looks forward to school and has learned so much. I love hearing him speak in Dutch and sing in cute!

It's funny because Jimmy often starts jabbering on and on in Dutch and Jarom will just look at me because he has now clue what his son is saying! Guess he's gotta learn Dutch too. :)

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Jelaire said...

Wow, what a cool idea about the family pictures! I had no idea they did that!

Jimmy jabbers in Dutch? How fun! Now you have to post a video! I'd love to see that! I was always amazed when I saw little kids who could speak better Dutch than I could. It's crazy how quickly they pick it up.

Kim said...

OK JIMMERS>>>>>> how 'bout a Jibber-Jabber Dutch Video for Grandma Kim?

You'd make me giggle and smile!!!

I sure miss and love you sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

I have a clue, just not much of one. :)


Danielle said...

Those are awesome pictures. I wish the ones they did here were more colorful.
That is so crazy that he speaks dutch! What a smart little boy.

Tristan said...

Your kids are adorable! love their eyes!

We got Hooked on Phonics for Guy. He has always LOVED books and would just sit and look at books for the longest time. One of my nieces had done Hooked on Phonics and loved it so we decided to get it for Guy. It is really amazing how fast kids pick it up! He has done the Pre-K and Kindergarten levels. It can be pricey but Jared had found a deal online where we got the pre-k through 2nd grade kits for 40% off plus some fun extra activity books. So if you decide to do it make sure you look for some deals :)